Help Protect Bisikungwy ⛰️

The guardian of our planet's food

Bisikungwy is a sacred mountain located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia – known as “The Heart of the World” by the Four Indigenous Peoples of this land.This mountain has great cultural significance to the Arhuaco people, and is said to be the Guardian of Earth's food systems.Unfortunately, this sacred mountain is under grave threat. Deforestation driven by coffee farming, accompanied by harmful pesticides, is eroding this incredibly important land and is driving out the indigenous stewards that have protected it for millennia.We are on a mission to preserve Bisikungwy and restore its damaged ecosystems. To achieve this, we urgently need your support.Our goal is to raise 12M to secure the entirety of this endangered mountain.The property at the very top of the mountain, has fallen victim to illegal clear-cutting and has had a cell-tower constructed on it. This land once held a sacred “viewing pond,” a source of profound wisdom for the Arhuaco that allowed their wise men and women to energetically see events in the world at large. The pond has now been drained and desecrated. We aim to reclaim this land, rejuvenate the forest, and restore the sacred pond.Another property at the top of the mountain stands as the last refuge for “Kungwina,” a sacred tree species central to the Arhuaco culture. Its survival hangs by a thread, as the owner contemplates selling to farmers who would clear-cut the land, risking the extinction of this sacred tree. We feel an urgent need to act swiftly to safeguard this land from being sold to farmers so we can prevent the irreversible loss of this invaluable species.Your generous donation will go directly to preserving and regenerating this land, will help to protect the many species and communities that depend on this important ecosystem, and will be a beacon of hope for the Arhuaco people in preserving Bisikungwy's ecological and cultural richness.

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